About Us

DRAW (Disaster Relief At Work, Inc.) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 dedicated to providing relief services to communities that have been hit by natural disasters. DRAW was started with a singular premise in mind: That a natural disaster is the only time in the human experience where a person or family goes from everyday life to rock bottom instantaneously. We want to be an organization that is there with whatever those survivors need as soon as they need it. Our first response teams will sift through the remains of a house to salvage valuables, move a tree that has fallen and blocked them in their driveway, or just sit and listen as they grieve. DRAW hopes to provide relief to as many people as possible.

DRAW is asking you to help survivors of natural disaster. You'll find our Bucket List on the FILL A BUCKET page, which details 7 different ways that you can fill a 5 gallon bucket that will help DRAW meet the immediate needs of disaster survivors. Our volunteer relief teams will personally deliver buckets to the survivors who are in need of them. You can be a part of a DRAW first response team. To find out how, see our Volunteer page.

Please like us on Facebook. The strength of DRAW will be its network and you can be a part of that. Our staff and our board of directors will continue to work toward finding the best ways for DRAW to serve the survivors of natural disasters and we thank you in advance for your interest in being a part of that process.